Zasady współpracy

Common trust requires not only time, but above all clear rules of cooperation eliminating doubts and misunderstandings. The client has to be sure, that we act and use the provided information in his best interest. In our activity, we follow strict ethical rules set in the Solicitors’ Ethics Code , particularly those regarding conflict of interest and professional secret. This guarantees keeping in secret the information provided to us.

Personal liability insurance
Members of the solicitors’ corporation by their actions guarantee high quality of provided legal services. Additionally we are insured from civil responsibility in accordance with the requirements set by the letter of law. The sum of insurance is an adequate guarantee of satisfaction of claims of our Clients.

You have the right to know
The nature of legal services is that often the clients does not have the knowledge what steps and when are taken on his behalf. We respect the fact, that You have the right to know what, when and how is done in Your matter. Therefore, on the clients’ request, we inform him via email about our actions. Full clarity of provided services allows You to assess the reliability, promptness and quality of provided services.

Types of cooperation and remuneration
Depending on the given case and needs of the Client, our firm offers various models of cooperation and rules of setting remuneration connected with them. The basic models offered by us are:

  1. Settlement including the number of hours of effective work devoted to complete a given task or tasks.
  2. A flat rate system – for permanent legal handling.
  3. A set remuneration for a specific task.

The rates of our remuneration are set individually with the client. However, we assure that the rates are affordable not only to large entities, but also to private individuals, and their amount will be a pleasant surprise to You. In this matter we are open to our current and future clients, and entities using our services permanently can expect discounts, above all, connected with the length of the period of our good cooperation. The amount of our remuneration is set taking into consideration the number and type of given tasks, the degree of complexity and place of fulfilment of given service.