Nasze usługi

We focus mainly on comprehensive legal handling of business entities. We are also enthusiastic about providing services to private individuals.

As a part of our services we provide help in matters related to everyday activity of the company, representation of clients in contacts and litigations with third parties (in courts and offices), and also leading cases on the stage of executive proceedings leading to satisfaction of claims of our mandates.

Our actions may take the following forms:

  • Current legal handling of business people
  • Giving legal advice and preparing legal opinions
  • Handling business negotiations and settlements on behalf of the client
  • Preparing contracts and extra-judicial agreements
  • Representation in common courts and in courts of arbitration, and also representation in proceedings with public administration
  • Keeping up-to-date with changes in the law, that concerns the client’s activity

To our clients, we offer the following comprehensive help:

  1. Handling business entities
  2. Commencement of business activityClients, who plan commencement of business activity, we offer legal advice including:
    • Advice regarding the legal form of performed business activity and requirements of business activity
    • Establishing commercial and non-commercial partnership
    • Preparing partnership contracts and statute projects
    • Establishing representations and branches of foreign business entities in Poland
    • Help in obtaining concessions, permits, licences and others, required in commencement of business activity
  3. Partnership law (corporation)
    • Current handling of the partnership’s departments (Board Office in particular)
    • Creating , liquidation, joining, dividing and transforming commercial partnerships
    • Representing the partnership in the proceedings to obtain entry in the National Court Register and preparing required documentation
    • Inspecting the legal state of partnerships (due diligence)
    • Preparing projects of changes in partnership contract or statute
    • Acquisition of shares and stock, creating new shares and stock and dismissal of shares and stock
    • Excluding a partner from the partnership
  4. Bankruptcy and remedial proceedings.
  5. Civil, inheritance and family law.
  6. Public order law.
  7. Consumer law.
  8. Register matters (entry in the National Court Register, deposit register and land register).
  9. Establishing the legal status of real estate, construction law, turnover and management of real estate.
  10. Labour and national insurance law.
  11. Administration law.
  12. Tax, bank, foreign currency and bill of exchange law.
  13. Competition law.
  14. Debt collection.